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"OMG I want to say thank you to Brian Hultman. To live without Migraines, Sciatic nerve pain, and the pain in my ankle is amazing! I have not felt so much relief as I have in the last week. Tonight was a Swedish Massage with Aroma Therapy! I now have to drive home! lol "

~ Lori D

"Brian is truly a gifted massage therapist who takes great care in healing his clients.  I had limited mobility in my neck, soreness and stiffness in upper, middle, and lower back as well as very tight leg muscles.  After one session with Brian, I felt lighter and 20 years younger.  I had so much energy and movement that I hadn’t experienced in a long time.  Brian is very knowledgeable, keeps current in his field and provides specific exercises for carryover.  Thank you so very much!  Very highly recommended!!!"

~ Vicky L

“Brian is the best! His skills are top-notch, and he is always learning new techniques.

 He takes special interest in each individual client, doing everything in his power to enhance the quality of life. A few years ago, I had such pain in my feet and ankles, I couldn't walk all the way through the grocery store. Brian has a lot to do with the fact that I'm now walking around all over the place. (The Podiatrist was not nearly so helpful!)

 Because Brian takes an interest in the health and well-being of the whole person, he gave good support when I was going through a difficult transition.

I have recommended Brian to several of my friends, and they are now as enthusiastic as I am about his stellar abilities!”

~ Phyllis R.

“I have been receiving a "Brian massage" once every couple of weeks for several years now. He has eliminated some old fender-bender injuries through trigger point work and has increased my range of motion in both my shoulders and hips. Brian regularly alleviates my self-imposed forearm and hand quilting pains! Having carefully protected my painful knees for most of my life, Brian's gentle touch is one of the few that I will allow to even get close to them. I trust his attention to my aches and then to address them, his thoroughness, his knowledge of muscle groups, and his enthusiasm to learn more methods. Thanks, Brian!”

~ June A

“I was experiencing a great deal of pain and had limited range of motion from a pinched nerve in my upper back and neck caused from weight lifting. Brian was recommended by friend and in only a few sessions of therapeutic massage I was pain free and back to full range of motion. I have continued to see Brian on a maintenance program and have not had any re-occurrence. My father in-law had chronic problems with his neck and I recommended Brian, similar to my experience it only took a few visits for his condition to greatly improve. He is now a regular client of Brian's.”

~ Ralph  B

“Brian Hultman has the magical power in finding your problematic areas with the first touch. His deep tissue massage allows for much more flexibility and strength in those areas. I also walk away feeling taller than my 5’ 2½” frame. Thank you Brian!”

~ Cheryl W

“My shoulders, especially my right moves so much better and a lot less pain. There is more flexibility too.”

~ Irene S

“I would like to thank Brian Hultman for the many times he helped me with his wonderful healing energy!

At our drum circles, he has worked on a chronic slipped disc problem, which helped me immensely. I was able to dance with a much greater range of motion than before, with no pain or discomfort. I truly believe that his help was a catalyst to the healing of that issue.

He has a blessed spirit, and a true gift!”

~ Marie T

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